Visual Art > I Am Not a Rock (Video)

I Am Not a Rock
June 26, 2015

Where: Gallery CA, Baltimore, MD
Performance Duration: ~15 minutes

"I Am Not a Rock" illustrates the hurt felt from a loss of ownership of one's being. The systemic brainwashing that takes place, causing us to live as false selves. In this performance, I aimed to discuss this very personally. How it affects my day to day living; my lack of comfort, and striving to make others comfortable, in particular, the groups of people who hate me. The groups of people who can't stand what I represent. The groups of people who fear anything with a shade of brown.

This performance is full of much bottled up angst. An angst that is shared among all oppressed peoples. It's an attempt to wake people up to those who are hurting around them.

"I Am not a Rock" is about an incomplete understanding and expression of myself, specifically as a black male. How this internal struggle has created a facade, a mask, lived behind day to day to make others comfortable.

I keep asking myself, "What is my truest, most authentic nature?" Whenever I answer this, I then ask myself, "Who knows you?" The answer: "No one. And the fault is mine."

Never hide. We all have our secrets. Love and respect all things, especially oneself.