Black and brown bodies need healing! We have a collective soul wound that runs deeper than any ocean, and we can only heal it together.

The world needs to be decolonized; appropriation must end and we must become grateful for each other’s gifts, lineages, and boundless wisdom.

I am shocked by the state of our planet, and I believe that every crisis that we are facing can be overcome if we truly build and work together. The systems need to be shaken now or they will never be shaken at all.

We need to return to our roots; listen to the environment around us and reform our appreciation of the Earth and each other. We must share stories and weave tapestries full of colorful multiple truths and glimmering threads of triumph.

The mission is decolonization, healing, and justice. The entirety of my life has been committed to imagination, discovery, creation, connection, and healing. I remain steadfast and want to build with everyone around me.

Let’s begin...

“Free from desire, you realize the mystery.
Caught in desire, you see only the manifestations.

Yet mystery and manifestations
arise from the same source.
This source is called darkness.

Darkness within darkness.
The gateway to all understanding.”
-Tao Te Ching

"Life is more than what meets the I and I.”
-Saul Williams