Visual Art > The Eye and I

The Eye and I is a performance by Bobby English, Jr. about our collective unconscious, the question of free will, reverence for family, and the idea of sacrifice. Through ritual, sound, voice, and construction/ deconstruction, the performance is asking; “Who or what is in control [of our fates]? Why do we hold on [to the past]? What is the importance of history? How do we influence each other? What is suffering? Can we feel the suffering of another?”

The environment and situation is organic. The audience has just as much control as the performer; actively and passively. As the performer looks inward; meditating, going through repetitive tasks, a certain state of mind is reached that causes a kind of heightened sensitivity. What happens next is both rehearsed and unrehearsed, planned and unplanned...

Special thanks to Bobby English Sr. & Melissa Webb for capturing the moments!